What we offer

At Clued Up Coaching we firmly believe in supporting you to get the best for your students, rather than from them. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to the needs of the school and the individual and will adapt our workshops and resources, depending on the area of requirement.


For Students:

One of the most effective ways of achieving change in your students is through one to one coaching intervention. Students tell us time and time again how valuable they find it to talk to somebody who is neutral. They really value having the time and space to explore their own thoughts and feelings, and find solutions for themselves. We have created a tailored 6 week programme, which focuses on building resilience, managing emotions and developing self esteem. Contact us if you would like more information on what the programme entails and costings.

“I really like being able to talk to someone who is totally separate from anything else in my life.” (CLA – Worcestershire school)

For teachers:

As we all know, teaching is a work of heart and at times it can become very busy, leading to overwhelm. Coaching enables teachers to press pause, gain perspective and address their needs in a neutral environment. Sessions often focus on classroom presence, career progression, stress management, transitioning to a new role and developing leadership skills.


Our workshops involve students coming together as a group to work on areas such as; emotional awareness, empathy, challenging the inner critic, building confidence and self esteem, developing a growth mindset, and nurturing positive relationships. Your students will leave with practical tools and techniques that they can continue to use as part of their every day management of their wellbeing.

“It helped with how everyone has different ways of dealing with things and how to cope with the negative thoughts” (Student – St Edmund’s Catholic Academy, Wolverhampton)


We will tailor our talks / webinars to suit the needs of your school. Possible topics could include:

  • Body image, gender expectations and raising self esteem
  • Managing social media and the impact of the ‘Selfie’
  • Practical coping strategies for managing emotions such as anxiety and overwhelm
  • Fighting the curse of perfectionism
  • Practical tools for quietening the inner critic
  • Building resilience and motivation as teenagers prepare for exams

“I know the boys will take some good tips from today’s webinar and think about their behaviours more than they previously did. This came at a great time with the return to school after lockdown.” (Queens College, Taunton)

We are also experienced in providing wellbeing webinars and presentations for both staff and parents – please contact us with your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your school’s requirements – all of our options can be tailored to suit the needs of your school and students.


Our downloadable resources are a great place to start with managing your mindset. They are jam packed full of coaching tools and techniques to help you build positive thinking strategies, helping you manage stress and achieve your goals. Check out our shop and free resources for more information.